Epornblog.com is for us, another stop as we try to make a name for ourselves in the porn industry. Over a year ago, we ran with some good advice and started a free site; epornlist.com. If it weren't for this advice we likely would have done what plenty of other webmasters have done and attempted to go and create a paysite of some sort or an outright porn company.

Even though this has worked for some in the past, you know those companies that seem to just come out of nowhere and just take over a segment? Well, those guys are the exception and certainly not the rule. So, we decided to start with something simple; a link list. It was and still isn't an original idea but the advice was sound. See if you like it; see if you're as interested in adult as you think you are. It's one thing to look at porn all day and think to yourself; "Man, I could do that!" First, who are we kidding, we do not have what it takes to be a male talent powerhouse but we did think we had what it took to perhaps be somewhere behind the scenes of the industry and we still do and that led us into creating our first site.

We're still waiting for our "big break" but time will tell if things pan out the way we want too. So, we started this blog with the hopes of becoming an interesting read for those that love the adult industry as much as we do. As we start out, we'll be bringing you as much adult news as we can, along with some originally written content.

We hope that epornblog will be a stop for all readers as we carve a name for ourselves. We're aiming to bring you real, original content, interviews, and general adult entertainment that you'll enjoy! So, strap in, we're in for a long ride, we hope you'll stick along with us along the way!

- The Team at epornblog.com