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Eva blacked


Blacked.com has been firing on all cylinders for a while now, they constantly get some of the hottest stars to shoot for them as well as newer talent that has you guessing as to who they are. And let’s not forget about the scenes themselves!

They’re shot beautifully and never, ever let down and this scene had Lovia fans a buzz with anticipation and appreciation. 

Recently, Eva Lovia, got out of her contract with Digital Playground and since then, she’s been racking up the scenes with company after company! For Eva Lovia fans, this is a great thing! You get to see this porn hottie in multiple places, in new and exciting scenes and earlier this week, she may have blown the minds, as well as other things, of fans worldwide!

Blacked.com, the multiple award-winning interracial site, made the announcement that Eva would be starring in a scene with Jason Brown. The scene was released February 9th.



The twitterverse went wild! As could be expected, it didn’t take long for memes to appear on the company’s twitter feed, all signs of appreciation. One fan even said that they were going to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion! We hope for his/her sake, that they’ve since rethought that idea!

Like we said, the scene’s already been released but if you hadn’t heard of this yet, you can watch the trailer here: Catching Up

However, that isn’t the only thing this star has going on right now, she also just recently put up a new photo set on her website! You can find those and all of her updates on the site here: Fallinlovia

And don’t forget, she has a fleshlight! It wasn’t too long ago that it actually went out of stock due to high demand! We reported on that ourselves here. Thankfully, it’s back in and you can get one and have all the wild nights you can handle with her! To get Eva’s pussy for yourself, click here: Eva’s Fleshlight


eva fleshlight white


Finally, like all porn stars, she’s on social media guys! They all love to hear from their fans and Eva’s no different. Head on over and like and follow her!





And while you’re there hitting the follow button for her, why not do it for us too?!


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