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Brazzers parody


Some of you may be wondering where in the hell have we been with our daily updates? Simply put, we got hit with a perfect storm of shit from information overload, to shitty internet with shitty companies, to trying to experiment with new ideas.

We were worried, we’ll how do we “come back” to daily posts without looking like a bunch of douchebags? As we were trying to figure that out, we ran across an interesting porn update; Brazzers was releasing a new scene on a game that’s been out for a whole year now!

We thought, well, fuck, if Brazzers can just throw out a parody on a game that’s been out that for that long all willy nilly, we don’t give a fuck, why couldn’t we just jump back in too?!

We’re back baby! And we promise readers, we’ll never leave you high and dry again. Oh yeah, click on to find out about this parody.


Brazzers P 2


Porn giant Brazzers has a new parody due out this month, February 8th. The scene will star Casey Calvert and Charles Dera and as you can expect from a porn parody it’s filled with plenty of puntastic porn dialogue!

More than that though, there was a lot of scary accuracy thrown in for hardcore fans of the game. Fans will notice that the costuming seems to be accurate, albeit Casey dressed being scantily clad and ready for action, to the replications of map screens and HUD’s.


In this regard, the scene looks like it’s on point but why did they take so long to come out with such an obvious parody? Maybe like us here at ePornbog, shit just happened and we should just be thankful that’s it out!

For a safe-for-work trailer of the scene, click below and judge if for yourself and be sure to check back daily for updates by us here on epornblog.com!







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