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Ahh, Lifetime TV the place to go for great TV! In all honestly, I can’t personally remember the last time I actually saw a lifetime movie but I do remember it being something to stomach on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

If you’re a Lifetime TV fan, then you’re in luck! This coming Saturday night, the movie From Straight A's to XXX will air, it’s tells the story of a young student from Duke university who goes into porn to pay for her tuition. Sound familiar? It should…

Even if you’re one of those people that “doesn’t watch porn”, it was hard not to have heard of Belle Knox. Back in 2014 her name and story were everywhere.

She was a young student who needed a way to pay for her high tuition at Duke University. She turned to porn to fund her higher education and then the worst happened; a fellow student found out what she was doing and spread the word! Gasp! How in the hell could that have happened?!


Belle 2.5


In any case, as a result of that outing, the Knox’s celebrity quickly shot to the top. She seemed to dominate the daily news cycles and porn companies wanted to hire her. Surprisingly, she only starred in 20 or so films.

Despite that, she was nominated by AVN in 2015 for Best New Starlet and Mainstream Star of the Year. After that though, she fell off the face of the earth, she just left the industry. I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons as to why but whatever they might be, the performer herself never came out herself to explain her sudden retirement.





In the Lifetime movie, From Straight A’s to XXX will follow the story of Miriam Weeks (Knox) a Duke freshman who turns to porn to pay for tuition. After the discovery of what she’s doing, Miriam is faced with an onslaught of death threats and cyber-bullying.

No doubt there will be an anti-porn slant but we’ll have to watch to find out. The movie will star Haley Pullos of General Hospital will play Knox. Also appearing are Jessica Lu of American Horror Story fame and Judd Nelson most famously from The Breakfast Club.

You can watch the trailer below:

And because it wouldnt be right not to show a clip of the real Belle Knox, enjoy that below!


From Straight A's to XXX airs Saturday night on The Lifetime Network 8/7 p.m. CST, check your local listings and check it out!


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