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Blair Valentines Day


Blair Williams has made quite the name for herself in the porn industry. She came in by starring in Xhamster’s The Sex Factor.

Since then she’s been in several movies and has amassed quite the fan base and it’s not hard to see why, she’s tall, beautiful and she has a signature blow job move!

If you’re a fan like us, than you’ll be happy to hear that Xhamster is giving you the chance to get a Valentine’s Date with the porn princess!

Blair V Day



Blair’s made more than just a “splash” in the industry, she, in our opinion, is a full-fledged porn star and Xhamster’s knows it. So much so, that’s they made her their official ambassador!

The company realizes that not everyone will have a date this upcoming Valentine’s Day, so, they talked to Blair and she’s agreed to possibly be your date for the night!


So, do you get the chance to have a night with Blair Williams? It’s actually pretty straightforward, all you have to do is subscribe to the companies multiple social media accounts, we have them listed below and like/comment on the pinned post with #valentineblairdate. After that the Xhamster’s automated system will pick three winners to enjoy their time with Blair!

Pretty simple right? Here are the social media accounts that you need to follow right now!





You’re probably wondering what you get if you win?

  • A 20 minute private session with Blair on xhamsterlive (for male users)
  • One of Blair’s favorite pieces of lingerie shipped to you directly!
  • Private sex ed class with Blair! For a whole 20 minutes, she’ll show you how to give the perfect blowjob or how to masturbate to get the full orgasmic experience!

We wish you the best of luck and if you don’t win, you can still keep up with Blair by following her on Twitter:




For more information on the event, head on over to Xhamster's blog.

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