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It’s been a few days since “The Big Game” happened. We all know what happened, The Patriots orchestrated one of the biggest comebacks in “Big Game” history and Lady Gaga rocked Houston during half time but not for everyone.

Porn mega giant Pornhub has released its numbers for viewership during the game and they were bleak.

Pornhub is used to getting tons of traffic a day in the U.S. alone. However as the country got ready to see the biggest event in U.S. sports. Numbers dropped by 27%!




Usually, this isn’t something that any company would want to share, however, they’re numbers bounced back quickly and more importantly it provides “buzzworthy” news for the site, so, it’s actually pretty smart. To get a better idea on the stats, check out the graph below.


Hub Graph 1


The company decided to go the extra mile though and looked at other numbers as well! They decided to look at the numbers in both teams’ home states! They looked at the numbers in Georgia and Massachusetts. Not too surprisingly viewership in Massachusetts took a dip when the Pats started their record comeback and right after the game numbers in general went past usual numbers by 9 percent!


Graph 2


We’re sure some people needed to celebrate, while others needed to yank away the pain. Either way, a win for Pornhub!

The oddest thing was the searches that were going on. The top searched terms were “Super Bowl”, “Halftime”, and “Patriots”. Interesting. You can see the rest of the terms below.



graph 3


The point here? If you’re needing to watch some porn during odd times, go ahead, you’re definitely not alone!

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